About CHariSMA

CHariSMA (2)Youthnet Hellas, in cooperation with the Youth Social Rights Network and the organization Alternative Innovative Development aims to bring together teachers, educators, youth activists and youth workers to share experiences and communicate them on using tools, methods and manuals for combating hate speech and bullying through human rights education. We aim to use the No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM) campaign of the CoE to bring together high school teachers, educators, youth workers, young people trained by the Council of Europe and decision makers from the Ministry of Education. All the above stakeholders will create a multiplying effect through the implementation of follow up activities, that is going to spread the NHSM ideas and priorities to at least 600 youngsters of the local area. By organizing this project we aim to create a team of activists who will still support and promote NHSM campaign’s ideas and products in a local level even after its official ending in 2017.

On a deeper level, our project’s broader aim is to bring closer decision makers from the Ministry of Education, NHSM coordinators, teachers, educators and youth workers on how they can improve their communication and overcome possible difficulties on their common mission against hate speech and to shift schools’ and education centers’ educational perspective to be more human rights focused and promote democratic values and equal opportunities for all the young people, no matter which their background is.

CHariSMA: Combating Hate Speech Multipliers and Ambassadors is a 6-month project that aims to increase awareness about combating hate speech, bullying, xenophobia, racism in the region of Larissa (Greece) by supporting the development of no hate speech ambassadors (educators, teachers, youth workers) who will develop competences and learn methods that will enable them to act as multipliers and promote solidarity, democracy, tolerance and human rights among youngsters for a more diverse and respectful local society.

The three main objectives of the project are:

  • to introduce instruments that can be used to train teachers, young activists, youth workers and educators that are active in Thessaly region on how to use them (such as Bookmarks Compass) to address the problem of hate speech through Human Rights Education
  • to develop the competences of teachers, educators, youth workers and young activists on identifying and combating the forms of hate speech by fostering the exchange of good practices and experiences on the subject and through the use of non formal education methods and activities.
  • to set a network of multipliers that will carry the message of the NHSM campaign even after its ending on 2017. It’s essential to create a local informal network of NHSM educators that will be able to act as activists and multipliers and connect such actions with the local authorities on first basis and with decision makers of ministry of education in a secondary basis.

This project is funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.